Red Star FC unveils its new jersey on Google Street View.

Red Star FC has just unveiled its new jerseys for the 2019/200 season with a walk on Google Street View through the streets of Saint-Ouen, around the historic Stade Bauer, which will welcome its Parisian team back next season.

Made by Adidas, sponsored by VICE, the new home jersey remains the colour of the club's iconic green. This time it is made of a gradient print, the sleeves and other details are black. While the away jersey has the same prints with pink color, the collar is black.

This coming season, Red Star FC has decided to relocate its club communication to the centre of its Saint-Ouen city through an original campaign entitled "#NotreMaillotNotreQuartier".

Indeed, the club invites you to walk around Bauer Stadium on Google Street View to discover people dressed in its new tunics. A pizza delivery man, rappers Junior Bvndo and YB, the rock group FNG or the artist John Hamon wear the Red Star FC jerseys.

David Bellion, Brand Manager Red Star FC :
"Playing with Google Street View to unveil our jerseys is like going into the matrix, putting Saint-Ouen in the centre, showing our neighbourhood, the suburbs, and the soul of Red Star FC. »

You can now explore the surroundings of the Bauer Stadium on Google Maps and search for the jerseys available on


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