Le Rang opens its Salon!

Many of you came to discover our new Le Rang boutique located at 23 rue Docteur Mazet in Grenoble !

You have been able to discover our selection of designer pieces in a cosy cocoon that brings comfort and exchanges. We will now accompany you on a new adventure, in an intimate atmosphere, in the spirit of a private lounge.

We would naturally like to thank the architectural firm SUB-A and all the people who took part in this project.

Thanks to the Maté In brand with whom we collaborated for this first time, you were able to indulge in the pleasure of tasting maté by discovering your new Rang.

We also had the opportunity to introduce you to new brands distributed on lerangstore.com, including Qasimi and the famous collaboration Fila x Liam Hodges. Other new brands have appeared, such as Document. This South Korean brand brings elegance and attention to details like Asian fashion culture. Like a Picasso in his blue period, the Document designer works in various shades of indigo on all his collections.

The new London design duo, JordanLuca, with its innovative universe, offers unique technical cuts in innovative materials, such as its famous tracksuit made of materials used by NASA that reflect high-intensity lights.

Le Rang continues to build on the strong values of its identity by extending its collaborations with designers such as Liam Hodges.

You will discover here the Blobby Polkadot Knit, whose name is taken from Mr Blobby. This character from the 90s was present in a very popular television show in England, Noel's House Party. But unlike the character for children, the smile is not on this piece, no longer filled with happiness at all but with a certain madness. This Smiley, deliberately placed behind his back by designer Liam Hodges, suggests that someone is making fun of the model who wears it, preparing a bad action, without his knowledge of his eyes...

We are delighted to welcome you to our new lounge, open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 7 pm. We will discuss together our selection, your vision of fashion and much more, always with passion.

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