Planet Malek, the documentary

Paloma Colombe, DJ and documentary filmmaker, develops sets inspired by sounds from rich and varied cultures. Ahmed Malek, a precursor of Algerian electronic music, permeates many of the young Franco-Algerian's creations. Produced by the German label Habibi Funk, Paloma Colombe recounts Mr. Malek's life in a sublime report called "Planet Malek".


Honoré de Balzac, Treatise on Elegant Living

When Honoré de Balzac begin to write the « Treatise on Elegant Living », he is 31 years old. He wants to focus on writing novel, he do journalistic article to live and pay his debts. We are in 1830, three days of Revolution cause the Charles X’s abdication on the August 2nd. In these troubled times, Emil de Girardin, La Mode’s managing editor bring Honoré de Balzac and some other journalists together in order to answer questions. What happened with old elegance ? How works the new generation ?


Francis Bacon, violence, flesh and solitary confinement

Francis Bacon is the most well-known and expensive painter of the XXIème century. He let a huge and indelible impression on the contemporary and historical art. He has influenced lot of artists after him.
He was born in Dublin, Irland. Stunted child, he suffers form asthma, and he is not really the son his father wants. He did not get on with his father, especially when he reveals to his dad his homosexuality. Francis Bacon is solitary, introvert and is under the yoke of this authoritative father who was former military, horse breeder.