ENAMI, Spring / Summer 2020 collection, a passion for motorcycles

For a few seasons now, we have been following the work of the Parisian designer who created the ENAMI brand. After seeing her show of his Spring/Summer 2020 collection, it was impossible for us not to present his creations in more detail.

As guests settle in, the show starts in an atmosphere of smoky brutality. A T-Max scooter from Yamaha parks in the middle of the catwalk that the models are about to borrow.

Imane Medjahed's attraction to the world of motorcycling is at the heart of this new collection. Inspired by what surrounds her daily life and in particular the homes of her entire family, Imane draws her references from environments that she often says are more like motorcycle repair garages than real living spaces.

The designer has thwarted motorcycle equipment and offers elegant outfits. The technical and robust materials that we are used to find on both wheels are used and combined with more noble, softer materials.

"My family environment has sharpened my eyes, and as a result I am very aesthetically attracted to the design of motorcycles and the elements that make them up, the shapes of exhaust pipes or fairings for example. »

The lines given to the pieces recall the protection elements of the conductors, they are here worked in a more geometric way. This geometry is an important element in the brand's DNA.

Unlike previous collections, we find advantages of colour in the outfits of Summer 2020. The models are also adorned with accessories and jewellery made in collaboration with Thismx Jewelry, from automotive steel sheets and parts related to the electronics of the control systems.

We had the chance to ask Imane a few questions after his show.

- Your family and its connection to motorcycling is very inspiring for you, are you doing competition too?

- No, it's only as an hobby. My family's children are taught to make them at an early age, and it usually starts around the age of 4.

- More cross or Tmax?

- Tmax from Monday to Friday and cross on weekends. But I still want to say that from an aesthetic point of view, I am much more Tmax than cross

- What fashion studies have you done?

- I am totally self-taught, I have never studied fashion, I have a Master's degree in Strategic Management.

- The designer who inspires you?

- Hussein Chalayan in the 90s and 00s for his highly experimental pieces.

- The beautiful oversized white outfit, what does it refer to?

- I wanted to reinterpret the famous fleece joggers/tracksuits that we all generally like to wear and in which we all feel comfortable. For these two parts, I used Neoprene. Another version has been declined in black.

Full of testosterone, the identity of the remarkable ENAMI brand is still in its infancy.


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