Cottweiler Spring Summer 2018, the arid collection

For the Spring Summer 2018 collection, Cottweiler designers Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty lead us to an off-grid desert community.

During the show, models walk through mobile-home setting between high technology caravans.

This collection’s environment is inspired from a trip in California desert. « we went to the California desert for a week and we stayed in a really small kind of town in the middle of nowhere and spent a week researching and just spending time together. The feeling of the plants, the grounds, the lizards and everything. It was good. » said Matthew.

Cottweiler pursues to develop its signature tracksuits with technical fabrics. Sand cap and orange poncho protect the models from the sun while they go outside to supply clean water in jericans

This season the lizard is the main logo, we found the animal on print soft green t-shirt and on shiny diamond necklace. The desert dwelling animal catch the lights amid the soft colors palette.

The creative and visual shiny identity from Cottweiler will be more and more important for the Summer months. What amazing filling when we don high technical garments like the Protective Jacket ! Cut from a fabrics composed with aluminium, this piece give light and softness at the outfit.

Ultra technical, this jacket is composed with two pieces, cactus color that covers the darkest black piece. Closed with a zip on the back and front, this sportswear layering is definitely the masterpiece of the show.

Cottweiler develops with high quality materials, garments which guide you up to arid regions.




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