Cottweiler Autumn / Winter 2019, underground parking, tracksuits and Mercedes

The designers duo at the head of the luxury sportswear brand Cottweiler has created collections with unique universes. Their stimulating choices in terms of scenography are undoubtedly what we are looking forward to, to come and discover their creations each season. Cottweiler is one of the first brands that was distributed by Le Rang during the Autumn/Winter 2016 season.

Several collections have since taken place, taking us in turn to the hot baths during the Pitti Uomo, in the major shopping malls of Europe where the time has come to consume only, or in arid deserts... Each time the scenography of the show is incredibly neat, and Cottweiler literally brings us to the heart of their artistic identity.

For the Autumn / Winter 2019 collection, the show takes place on the -12 floor of an underground car park. Urinals are placed on either side of the catwalk, winks at night meetings in the car parks? As part of the show, these urinals installed as abstract works complete the collection in colour and shape.

The colour palette for next winter is composed of moss green, electric blue, and shiny black that reminds us of petrol. On most technical pieces, structured nylons are used alongside soft mohair silks and fabrics with different prints. On comfortable clothes, we found soft warm cotton and neopren fabrics.

Moss, olive, Chartreuse are all shades of green that dress the models. Very attached to the ethical use of fabrics, Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty have used natural fibres in the design of several parts.

The Signature tracksuits, true bestsellers from Cottweiler, are, as every season, reinvented. Zippers, straps and buckles are just some of the finishing details that make up the looks. The famous caps this time show logos of major car brands (Mercedes, Audi, Lotus).

Draped glove, suede pants, the Cottweiler man is a distinguished sportsman who does not hesitate to hang out in London's dark underground car parks. Do they wear handkerchiefs in their pockets? Or is it just the rags they used when they drained their sublime cars. Nevertheless, they remain immaculate....

A new collaboration with Reebok is emerging. In the sumum of Cottweiler refinement, the two designers Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell invent here a pair of hybrid shoes between technical sneakers and chic loafers.

The businessman walks half undressed, wearing an oversized black parka from a collaboration with Allegri, an Italian parkas and coats specialist.

Between natural and technical materials, elegance and sportswear, Cottweiler knows how to create new designs for the entire men's wardrobe.


Photos : Iolo Lewis Edwards et notre partenaire média High Fashion Talk.

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